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About Us

  • Hong Kong Office was found in 2017 to help students from Hong Kong to study in US.

  • We focus in institutions for STEM education

  • Our consultants are graduates from US universities and is experienced in counseling students on their pathway to success.

  • With college network and close working relationships with East coast instututions in the US, we specialize in helping students get into a US high schools and STEM college. We exhibits at major education fairs and expos regularly.


  • Due to pandemic situation, all physical recruitment activities stopped and we started to host virtual events for student recruitment. With our virtual event platform on hand, we had conducted a live webinar for Queensland Government in June and another virtual event in October (Virtual Fair of Jockey Club Post-diagnostic Support in Dementia Care Programme) with live streaming for Jockey Club Centre for Positive Aging. We evolved from a recruitment agency to virtual event technical organizer within this year and developed our own virtual event platform capable of hosting and streaming live events.

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